How To Save on a Bathroom Remodeling?

How To Save on a Bathroom Remodeling?

Avoid relocating plumbing

At first, It may look like a great idea to change your bathroom's design, however, it will be very expensive to move plumbing fixtures, so you better keep your current fixtures in place.

Tiles in the shower only

Having your bathroom tiled from floor to ceiling provides a clean and sleek look but may require a large amount of your budget. Consider tiles around the shower only and paint the rest.

Restore your tub

An older tub will definitely show signs of aging, however before you replace it with a new one, consider restoring the old tub. Typically this is not a DIY project, but your bathtub can be professionally reglazed for much less than purchasing a new one.

The glaze is what provides your bathtub its color and shine. By applying a new finish, you can restore the glimmering gloss your bathtub used to have, giving it a brand new look.

There are several reglazing products at the hardware store, however, if you're picky about the final result, I strongly recommend hiring a professional for this job.

Refinishing Bathtub

Don't replace the complete toilet

In case you're renovating your bathroom and your old toilet's water doesn't stop running, you might want to replace the entire toilet. However, if the bowl and tank are in good shape, you can save money by replacing the inside parts only. Replacing the toilet seat and lid is also an efficient way to give your toilet a better appearance.