How To Repair A Sticky Or Damaged Pocket Door?

How To Repair A Sticky Or Damaged Pocket Door?

Does your pocket door sticks or not opening or closing all the way? Don't hurry to replace it instead, you can install a new track and rollers and, it should work like it did when it was brand new.

How to remove a pocket door

Pocket doors are connected in a different way than standard doors. In standard doors, hinges are installed on the side that has pins in them. All you need to do is push the pins upward and the door will come off. A pocket door is similar, besides that, it is held by hangers on the top of the door.

Releasing pocket door hangers

The pocket door hangers are connected to rollers that slide along a track that enables the door to slide backward and forward. The frames on each end of the door prevent you from moving it out the end.

The hangers are built with a holding clip that keeps the door holding clip onto the bolt for the rollers. Sadly, each manufacturer uses a different kind of holder and clip. You will have to discover where the release for the clip is before you attempt to remove the door. You might need a screwdriver to push the release arm. Some of those clips require that you keep them open until the door is removed from the hanger.

Removing a pocket door

You should get some help before you try to disassemble the pocket door. The door is usually not so heavy otherwise it is a solid core door. Also, a hollow-core door can be a little uncomfortable to manage. Simply having someone to keep it in place will help a lot.

To be able to remove the door you need to slide it until it's about three inches of being closed. Even while the door is completely closed, the back part of the door is still inside the pocket, causing it impossible to remove the door.

Fixing a Pocket Door?

With the door nearly closed have someone hold the side of the door while you release the clip that is nearest to the handle side of the door. After the clip is released you can carefully place the door down.

Pull the door up at the side and drive it as far toward the strike as possible. Next pull the door toward you until the end of the door is beyond the frame. With the door at an angle position, you'll be able to pull it entirely out of the pocket.

Have someone hold the door and free the additional clip. Carefully remove the door and place it against the wall. That is the process of removing a pocket door. To install the door back you will need to repeat the process in reverse order of the way you got it down.