How To Repair Noisy Bathroom Fan?

Most bathroom exhaust fans can be disassembled simply by the removal of a few screws. The motor case usually comes out easily. some of them also plugs into a standard electrical outlet mounted into the fan case so you may not need electrical skills to make this repair. Obtaining replacement parts usually becomes the biggest challenge in this kind of job!

Noisy Bathroom Fan

Replacing the motor piece has the benefit of leaving the old fan housing in place. This way, you won't have to worry about electrical connections, venting, and potential repairs to the ceiling. Replacement should only become an option in case you don't like the fan appearances or you can't find the correct motor part.

Disassembling bathroom fan

Depending on the manufacturer, there are different cover designs with various removal methods. Some covers, such as the larger Nutone fans have screws that are recessed in the vent grills of the cover. Release those screws just so that the cover does not rub on the ceiling. Next, turn the cover slightly counterclockwise to free it from the screws.

Another cover type is secured in place by a screw placed behind the light bulb. remove the clear bulb cover and then remove the bulb to reveal the screw. After the screw is removed, the cover and the light assembly will come down together, showing the fan motor.

The last well-known cover type is supported by two metal springs. These metal springs have long ridges that interest into grooves in the fan case. Just by pulling down the cover will show those springs. Clasping together the ridges will release the springs from the fan case, providing clear access to the fan motor. You should find a spec label or plate within the fan case. Write down all the info and search for a replacement.

Noisy Bathroom Fan

Most fan motors will continue working for many years. By the time the motor breaks, the cover is usually very outdated. In that case, my advice is to buy the complete fan unit, not only the motor.